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The Story Behind EarlySmart

Over two decades ago, I led business and marketing transformations in major corporations in Israel. While I was able to generate significant successes, I understood that these successes were achieved by teamwork and by many people that made these happen. I felt that my passion is to find better ways to motivate people and lead teams towards success succeed. I decided to dedicate the next chapter of my life to this mission and therefore founded EarlySmart with the desire to empower individuals and organizations to maximize their full potential based on their strengths and talents. After looking for the best scientific methods and tools to address this challenge, I became a senior Birkman and Gallup Clifton Strengthsfinder consultant and coach in the areas of development, intentional growth. While living in the US, I had the opportunity to work with the best consultants and coaches in the world helping individuals, teams and companies to develop their better versions based on their strengths. 


Today, EarlySmart Group is the leading strengths-based development consulting company in Israel. I leverage my 25 years of executive business experience and consulting experience in the US and in Israel to help people grow and organizations to develop better versions of themselves by establishing trust, building better relationships, and connecting the pieces of the puzzle.

Recently, I have co-founded Tipando, a startup company that develops tools and applications for organizations to map the company DNA and empower managers and employees.

Orit Amir

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